Aaron Faunch


My name is Aaron Faunch and I have a degree in Palaeobiology and Evolution from the University of Portsmouth. I am also studying Science and Environmental Journalism  at the University of Lincoln and I will hopefully graduate in January 2014.

I write the Palaeontology and dinosaur pages on our website. All dinosaurs are incredible creatures but I have a soft spot for the Pachycephalosaurs like Pachycephalosaurus because of their utter strangeness. Strange is good and that is why I am so interested in all things dinosaur. Hopefully you like them too and if you don’t then I will just have to change you mind.

I am English with a bit of Maltese heritage. I am also an Essex boy and proud of it.


  • Dinosaurs and animals in general (extinct and living)
  • All things science (except physics as it makes my head hurt)
  • Music (rock, punk, ska and folk)
  • I love my food (especially nachos)
  • History and Architecture
  • science fiction and fantasy, on tv and in books
  • Tolkien and Middle Earth

2 thoughts on “Aaron Faunch

  1. Hi cousin Aaron, love your web site, I ,m going into year 6 in september would love to tell all my friends at school how great you are , can you please reply love Lauren, Auntie Christine UncleTony , Kieran 31 Nicola 29 Lee 27 Ricky 25 same age as you.

    • Hello Lauren, year 6 already! I still remember you as a baby, you didn’t like me, and cried when you saw me!

      I’m not so great, I’m too lazy to get a job!

      Good luck with your last year in primary school.

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