A science Laboratory.

A science Laboratory.

Our Website is all about Science. We write about science so it is easy to understand and, more importantly, so it is fun, interesting and inspiring.

Science is a way of understanding the natural world. It is made of theories and ideas on how everything around us works.

But these theories aren’t guess work. all theories come from what scientists see in the world. What they see may be tiny, smaller than an atom, or large like whole galaxies of stars. Scientists then design and run experiments to try to understand what they see and develop their theories.

And theories are tested, re-tested, debated and debated more. Science is always changing. What was widely believed 100 years ago may be completely rejected by modern science.

This website will hopefully help you to understand some of the basics in science as we know it today and will keep you up to date as science swings and turns with every new discovery and idea.

Explore our website and discover more about science:

  • Learn about the creatures that call our planet home in our Animal section
  • Visit the ancient world of giant monsters that once terrorised the planet’s wild in our Dinosaur section
  • See how science is at work in our lives in our Everyday Science section
  • Learn more about the vegetation that cover Earth and makes Oxygen for us to breathe in our Plants section
  • Take off on an adventure into the universe and find out more about the Sun and planets in our Space section.

And meet the people behind the website:

If you have any questions, doubts, suggestions or to just let us know your opinion about Science4kids! page send us an email to science4kids@xxx.com

Our work is under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. To know about it, check it out here.

Privacy notice

Science 4 kids ensures that your data are protected and not used for illegal purposes or reasons different from the ones stated.

The use of personal information will be in accordance to the The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act 2001.

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