Discovering animals: Birds

The main characteristic of birds is feathers, all birds have them! Feathers keep them warm and allow them to fly and decide direction. They are sometimes used as decorative tool, even by humans (like the bird of paradise ones)There are raptors birds, like eagles, which eat other animals thanks to incredible big eyes, sharp talons and a hooked beak. Other birds called waterfowl, like duck or swan prefer to stay on the water, where they can look for plants and small fish. There are also birds that don’t fly, like penguins and the strange kiwi which only lives in New Zealand.

don johnson

Did you know? The largest birds are the ostrich and the emu

Kiwi: Kiwis are small nocturnal flightless birds, native to New Zealand and symbol of the country. Kiwis lay the largest egg of any bird on the planet, only one every season. They can smell insects thanks to nostrils they have in the end of a long beak. They’re critically endangered because of deforestation.

Martin Sharman

Martin Sharman

Bird-of-paradise: a family of colorful and elegant tropical birds living in rainforest. They are endangered because men have been hunting them for their feathers and the habitat has been destroyed.