Discovering animals: insects

Insects are invertebrates which means they don’t have internal bones but instead they have an external skeleton called exoskeleton. All insects have a segmented body divided in three parts: the head, the thorax and the abdomen. They also have at least three pairs of jointed legs and two antennas. Some insects have wings and can fly, for example bees, butterflies or dragonflies. Other live on the ground- or underground- for example beetles or ants.

jon sullivanInsects are only one subcategory of the animal kingdom called Arthropoda. There are many subcategories other than insects:

  • Crustacea: like crabs, crayfish, prawns)
  • Arachnida: like spiders and scorpions)
  • Myriapoda: like millipedes & centipedes
  • Insecta which are insects