Dinosaur skeletons (Luke Jones, Wikimedia)

Dinosaur skeletons (Luke Jones, Wikimedia)

Dinosaurs have wreaked havoc in books and movies for centuries. They have destroyed cities and feasted on scientists, adventurers and cavemen. But they are not some terrifying invention of a person’s imagination. They were real animals that walked across the Earth millions of years ago.

We can glimpse these animals by studying their rare bones that sometimes emerge out of the ground, priceless survivors that have laid hidden under people’s feet for millions of years.

These bones are a window into the past. We can see another world so different from our own. But the window is a frosty one, we will never know everything about dinosaurs but that is what makes them so exciting. Finding out dinosaurs is half the fun and every year we know a bit more.

Explore our website and find out more about the dinosaurs that once called Earth home and how we know so much about them. Click on the titles below to find out more.

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