What’s the Magical Function of Green Leaves?

papaya leavesLeaves are the most important organ for plants to conduct photosynthesis and transpiration.Meanwhile, nutrients, which are vital for the growth of plants is produced in leaves.

Leaves could conduct photosynthesis, take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Leaves of some plants could even take in poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide, monoxide and chlorine, making air fresher.

As is proved by scientists, 1 tons of leaves could take in 10-30 kilogram carbon dioxide and chlorine. Each leave is a small factory, continually providing energy for plants, as well as providing oxygen essential for human life. It could be said that there would be no life on earth if there is no photosynthesis by leaves. Besides, leaves also conduct transpiration。



The major functions of green leaves are as following:

  •  It is the source of nutrients and fertilizer
  • It is the most important industrial raw materials
  • Their medical use could not be neglected
  • Leaves could be made as instrument.

 See more…………. A Video introduce parts of leaves

Have a Think

Leaves is the most important organ to ( )

A. absorb water             B. dehydration              C. photosynthesis

Answers: C


How Plants Purify Air?

Plants are the air cleaner in the nature.

On one hand, it absorbs the carbon dioxide in the air and vomit oxygen, effectively reduce the carbon dioxide in air and making air more fresh.



On the other hand, plants, especially forest or tropical plants, blocking, and absorbing the ashes in the air, refreshing the air.

In order to maintain life, human being have to take in oxygen and expire carbon dioxide.If the carbon dioxide in the air is too high, people would hardly breath and be toxicated. Plants are the only creature in the world to photosynthesis, besides, it is the absorber of carbon dioxide and producer of oxygen.

There are other plants which can take in toxic gas like sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. Besides, some plants could even take in some harmful radiation to human body, such as the cactus put in front of the computer could take in large amount of radiation sent out by the screen.


Have a Think

Plants are the air cleaner in the nature and they take in ( ) in air.

A. Carbon dioxide         B. oxygen                     C.ash

Answer: A

The Amazing Plants Growing

The plant is a natural chemical factory.

First of all, What are the 5 Essentials Plants Need to Grow?

 The 5 essentials plants need to grow are light, temperature, water, air and nutrients.

The most important essential is light. Plants take in light they need for photosynthesis. Besides, temperature plays an important part for the plants to grow, because plants require different temperature at different stages of growth. Water is a vital constitutes for plants. And the oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide greatly effects the growth of the plants.

Have a Think

1.    The essentials needed for the growth of plants include ( ).

A. earth      B. light     C. stones and woods

Answer: B.